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November 10, 2008


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I love the birds' nest - and the hedge apples! It all looks so pretty.


i want to be like you when i grow up! tee-hee you're so clever & creative.. and actually follow through w/ ideas from magazines. ;) impressive.


Beautifully done!


Very nice! I didn't notice it on Friday night. ~frown~


Gaynor - I love those hedge apples, too! Too bad they rot quickly.


Kristin - You're so sweet! I emailed you.


Theresa - Thanks! I had so much fun doing it.


Deb - It wasn't even finished Friday night, so don't feel bad! Besides, we had lots of other stuff to focus on, eh?


Great nature table!! I read the same article in the British Country Living Mag to :) The new one has more great nature articles in it again! I have never seen a hedge apple, very interesting :)


Hi there - I just met you through the Crafty Crow - and had a lovely old browse around when I should have been schooling... then quickly googled New Hampshire Nature Study, my son just read The Journeyman for school and we wanted some background... there you were again - I had to just say hi and love your nature table! Now I really must get down to work!

Skye Walcott

Absolutely beautiful nature table- I love the window next to it letting all that natural light in. This is my first visit to your blog -I found you on Crafty crow. Your description sounds so like us -up until this year when the sleep deprivation kicked in. I'm looking forward to having a good read. All those books on the all looks great.

Trinity Mommy

Absolutely beautiful! I found your blog through The Crafty Crow and have been delighted! We too are a CM homeschooling family.. your posts have been very encouraging! Thank you!


I just found your blog through a link at the crafty Crow. Wow...what a beautiful place you have here! I plan to come back often for inspiration!


Hi! I found you through Think! your blog; I'm sure I'll be gleaning a lot of great ideas from you. Thanks!


A wonderful post. I found it really inspiring, thank you.


Hello everyone - Thank you for your lovely words and I'm happy to think of providing inspiration or ideas, as I've gotten so very much from others. At this point, I think I've emailed most of you personally. Hope I haven't forgotten anyone.


Your nature table is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your ideas.
What a great idea to put the field guides and nature notebooks AT the table - it makes so much sense, and now they'll get used more! I can make use of that space under the table that had me stumped for a use too! Thanks :)


Your nature table is stunning!


I love you table and it's great to see your beat up copy of Handbook of Nature Study, it's well loved and well used indeed :)) Happy weekend!


Thanks so much for showing this table - it is really beautiful; I love the effect of the mirror ... and by the way, as a very secondary effect it helped me finally to identify the fruit my five-year old found in a park in Speyer, Southwest Germany, the other day: a hedge apple (not at all common in our parts of Europe...). With the help of the English label, I could find the scientific name and eventually the German one. So - labelling is definitely a good idea ;-)
Greetings from across the pond! ... Sigrid

Pecos Blue

This is great idea we are just trying to figure out where to put it.

Barb Shelby

I just love your nature table! I'm writing to ask permission to use it on my website. It would be posted in the Earth and Green Theme- on the Nature and Science page. If you prefer that it is not used, please advise...
You have some wonderful ideas! I'll soon be back!!!
Barb Shelby

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